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The Nook HD+ is Pretty Great

Barnes & Noble's 7-inch Nook HD+ is made for crystal-clear reading. It is truly HD and you can tell Barnes & Noble put a lot of thought in presentation of materials. There isn't a camera, though, so if you like to Instagram with whatever is in your hands, this won't work for that. The Nook's ability to have multiple profiles is a huge win here, especially if you only want to get one for everyone to share. Fair warning, you need to know where to look to set up a new profile, but once you find it making profiles is easy. Click your image at the top to find the add profile button! If you've stored your books on an SD card, this eReader/tablet has a card slot for easy accessibility. There are also apps availble, such as Netflix, Flickster, Goodreads, Overdrive, and 3M. The Nook HD+ has an excellent shop for reading material, even including catalogs! It is a bit slow to load, but is comprehensive and once you're set up with a credit card, easy to buy from.

Obviously, what I care about is what I can get from Richland Library. I don't want to give my money to Barnes & Noble any time I want to read a book! 3M is so easy to download and set up- just don't forget that your "Library ID" is your card number. I did and had to find the 3M Frequently Asked Questions to remember (I've linked this down below for you). Once I downloaded a book, it was easy to change the settings (the type was tiny) and was a great reading experience. Overdrive was also easy to set up and use, but the Nook HD+ doesn't have a Zinio app yet. However, with access to the internet, you can still easily reach our great online resources- in fact, while testing the Nook's browser, I found out that my Grandfather lived on Lincoln Street as a boy.

The Nook HD+ is great for reading, and has excellent access to our ebook collection. This is a great choice if you're looking for an eReader that allows you to branch out and also use some great online resources. The image is courtesy of Barnes and Noble.