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New Website FAQs

The team at Richland Library spent this year developing an entirely new website that provides our customers with the benefits of an in-person visit to the library while embracing the simplicity and convenience of the internet. Our new website:

  • Is simpler and easier to use
  • Provides access to more services for more customers
  • Automatically optimizes itself for mobile and tablet viewing
  • Puts knowledge and suggested reading from our experts in customers' hands faster


Below are some of the questions we have heard from customers like you. Feel free to submit your own questions or comments using the yellow "Give Feedback" button located at the top right of every page.

Q: What are the biggest changes on the new site?
A: automatically optimizes itself for the device you are using (mobile, tablet, or desktop.) The new structure presents information in a streamlined, intuitive interface. And, the website's new toolset encourages two way dialogue between customers and our experts.

Q: Are you going to build a Richland Library app?
A: We are responding to the need for mobile interactivity by building a website that optimizes itself for your device. Look forward to mobile specific tools in the near future; however, you won't have to go to the app store to get them.

Q: Where are the new releases?
A: Many customers are asking about the "New Releases" they used to find on our site. Our new homepage contains the latest content written by our experts, including book and movie reviews. We are working on tools to provide new release information quickly and easily. Right now new releases are being listed in posts by some experts on our team; please see the New Arrivals and New Releases pages for a list of those posts.

Q: What's next for the website?
A: In 2013, you will see the website continue to evolve. Some of the new features we are working on include:

  • Online payment of fines
  • Easier to use online catalog and account management
  • Reduced number of logins for customers to remember
  • Online access to local history holdings and other digital collections
  • New content written by librarians every day
  • Content and navigation customized according to individual needs