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New Brand FAQ's

We now have a new look that better represents how we and our customers feel about what we do. Our New Name: Richland Library (


Q: Why did you change your name?
A: Research showed that people most commonly refer to us as the library. If they needed to be more specific, they focused on location (Richland, Main, Southeast). The name and logo were tested with focus groups of actual and potential customers.

Q: You removed the words "County" and "Public" from your name. Are you still funded by the County?
A: We’re Still Funded by Richland County. In fact, the library is one of the most popular services funded with taxpayer dollars. There are other agencies and organizations funded by the county that do not include both words in their titles - school districts, the zoo and more.

Q: Is the new look, color scheme, or logo meant to symbolize something specific?
A: The Logo and Access Freely Tagline Represent the Library’s Variety of Services. The library’s role has adapted with technology and the changing needs of our community. The new logo respects the tradition of the library, while embracing its future. When looking at the logo, some may see a book, an ereader, a laptop or even a conversation bubble. The logo is both traditional and digital, bold yet simple, new and recognizable. The color blue, perhaps one of the most well-liked colors, is refreshing, imaginative, approachable, established and stable.

Q: I love the new library cards. Can I get one?
A: There are now four library card designs – a general design, one for teens, one for children and one for Literary Circle donors. Customers can choose from three designs, and staff can recognize Literary Circle donors for supporting the library. We will swap your old card for one of our new designs free of charge for three months, ending on Friday, March 1, 2013.

It's About an Excellent Customer Experience

Our new brand isn’t just about changing the logo. It’s about the experience for our customers – a quality, personalized experience that exceeds expectations. Our new look - from our website to our signage - better reflects who we are.