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Richland Library Sandhills

About Richland Library Sandhills

Richland Library Sandhills has been a vital community cornerstone in the northeast for 20 years. Our new 30,000 square-foot Sandhills location is the perfect spot to connect with friends and neighbors; get your kids ready for kindergarten; explore new career opportunities; or check out the latest movies, music and books.


Dedicated Spaces Include:

Engage with your friends and neighbors in our 270 seat auditorium, perfect for community programs and events.

Children’s Area:
Inspire lifelong learning; get your kids ready for kindergarten; or build reading muscles in our new Children’s Area. Explore our cozy story room and tinkering space.

Step outside and enjoy the fresh air without leaving the library.

Tinker, experiment and create with tools in both guided and open lab sessions.

Meeting Spaces:
Learn, create and share in flexible spaces that support community collaboration, small group discussions,and more.

Pick-Up Window:
In a hurry? Pick up your holds without getting out of your car.

Reading Room:
Step away from the hustle and bustle, and enjoy the serenity of our new reading refuge.

Draw, paint, sculpt and more in guided studio art instruction and open lab sessions.

As we continue to grow in our new space and partnership with Richland School District Two, we rededicate ourselves to providing a welcoming library worthy of the diversity, talents and ambitions of this dynamic community. A place where everyone can learn, create and share. -Jim Staskowski, Richland Library Sandhills Manager

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