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Richland Library Eastover

About Richland Library Eastover

Richland Library Eastover was established in 1930 and has been housed through the years in several different rented storefronts. In 1985, the library moved to a permanent location, which it quickly outgrew due to community demand.

Thanks to a USDA grant and matching funds from Richland County a new $1.6 million renovation and expansion of the library’s Eastover location was opened in 2013.

"Nestled between town hall and several soon-to-be reclaimed historical buildings, the new 5,200 square foot Richland Library Eastover is a point of pride for our growing community. Opened in 2013, the state-of-the-art facility truly offers something for everyone. In the area? Stop by, we'd love to show you around." - Iris Abney, Richland Library Eastover Manager 


Celebrating Eastover

See historic photos of the library and the town by clicking here. Submit your own photos here.

Location Photos

Eastover Grand Opening