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Literacy 2030 - Rewriting South Carolina's future one reader at a time.

Literacy service providers, educators, businesses, legislators and passionate volunteers are determined to break the intergenerational cycle of low literacy in our state. Literacy 2030 unites these stakeholders under an admittedly challenging yet important goal. We believe in the power of collaboration to change lives. We believe that by 2030, we will see a community transformed. We stand as the united voice of the literacy movement, working to promote literacy efforts, raise awareness and build a network of community support.
By focusing the varied spectrum of literacy nonprofits towards one common goal, we improve communication, maximize organizational efficiency, expand service awareness and work together for positive change in the communities we serve.
Richland Library is leading the reactivation of Literacy 2030 by serving as the convener and catalyst for literacy improvement efforts in Richland County, and as a model for other counties as the SC State Library works to implement Literacy 2030 statewide.
Throughout 2014, Richland Library hosted quarterly meetings of local community partners working in all areas of literacy. Each meeting was an active work session, during which we cooperatively created this model  to inform other counties’ literacy collaboration efforts. We will continue convening regularly in the years to come, and would love for you to join us!
Find out about future meetings and how to get involved.
Learn more about our process and what we accomplished at each of our 2014 meetings.
For more information about Literacy 2030, please visit the website for the statewide coalition.

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