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Richland Library's state-of-the-art Business, Careers and Research Center is the perfect spot to connect with clients, finish your thesis or explore new career opportunities.

Offering dedicated spaces for coworking, career coaching, networking and more; the Business, Careers and Research Center also boasts a team of highly trained librarians and career coaches to help turn dreaming into doing. 


Contact Us:

Many of our free resources can be accessed during library hours without an appointment.

  • Questions? Call 803.929.3401 
  • For a Career Coaching appointment, call 803.231.6398 or 803.231.6339

Classes and Events


Career Online High School: It’s never been easier for adults to earn their high school diploma. It’s online, free and can be completed in as little as five months. Get Started>>

Computer Access: 18 designated computers for Job Seekers with 3-hours of access at a time. Guest passes are available for any job seeker without a library card.

Career Coaching: Certified Career Development Facilitators conduct one-on-one appointments with customers needing assistance with résumés, job applications, career assessments, job search and networking strategies, online presence (like LinkedIn), and much more.

Interview Practice: Trained staff offer customers constructive feedback and guidance during one-on-one practice interviews on the first and third Wednesdays of each month at the Main library. 10am – noon, first come first served; no appointments necessary.

Classes: Check the Business, Careers and Research Center calendar for upcoming FREE classes such as Interviewing Dos and Don’ts, Finding a Job Online, Business Etiquette, LinkedIn Basics and LinkedIn: Beyond the Basics

Résumé Assistance: Get in person help from a knowledgeable career coach:

  • Getting Your Résumé Started?  Come in to The Business, Careers and Research Center for basic resume assistance.
  • Refining your Résumé? Review your résumé with a Career Coach to target and refine what you have already created.

Career …Encore!: This monthly support and networking group allows job seekers who are unemployed, underemployed or changing careers an opportunity to share the challenges they face, obtain free resources and enhance networking opportunities in a supportive and empowering environment. The group meets on the second Thursday of the month at the Main library, 6-8 p.m. in the Business, Careers and Research classroom on the Third Level.

Job Application Tip Sheets: Use these Tip Sheets to navigate the online application forms for various companies. These Tip Sheets were created by Business, Careers and Research Librarians and will provide you with step-by-step instructions.

Dear Business, Careers and Research Center Staff – How can I ever thank you for all your support during this job hunt? From the Interview Practice sessions to the regular resume assistance provided by Jennifer, Andrena, Diane and so many others, you worked tirelessly on my behalf. I am so grateful. I will be the new school librarian at Myrtle Beach Middle School this coming fall. This will be a big change, both in the age of the students and leaving the Midlands. It is a different world up there, but one I am excited to explore. Let’s acknowledge that much of my efforts with the Business, Careers and Research Center involved my working to become a public (presumably children’s) librarian. While ultimately I am returning to my former life as a school librarian, I feel that the education I received about librarianship and job-hunting will serve me well, as I seek to mentor middle-school students. I do not know what the future holds for me in Horry County. What I can say is that I am most grateful for your support and for sharing this journey with me and for the words of encouragement you provided. I will remember my sojourn in Richland County and know you were there as I sought to evolve into something more. The adventure continues this August. Thank you for being a part of this eventful chapter in my life! - Ben
Bland, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so very helpful to me by locating pictures of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson to send to someone who will paint portraits from them. The pictures that you selected were ideal for the purpose. Being severely handicapped as I am, I was especially appreciative of you having the pictures available for my scrutiny upon my arrival at the library. Thanks also for helping me enlarge the pictures to make things easier for the artist. I call the library for assistance quite often and am always delighted to secure your assistance. You are always extremely polite and competent. I truly believe that the Richland Library is extremely fortunate to have an individual of your remarkable stature in its employ. Thanks a million for all the great things you do. You’re appreciated more than you can know. - Tom
Ms. Dorsey – I greatly appreciate all your help and patience in finding and sending the obituaries that I requested and also, informing (me) of other resources that will increase my database of my ancestry research. I want to extend my praise of you to your library of your excellent service and that you are very knowledgeable and professional in your job. I hope the library has (more) staff and hires more people like you! Also, Ms. Dorsey, you don’t find too many people as helpful and polite as yourself these days. Greatfully appreciated. - Melinda
My job-searching confidence was really boosted in several ways: staff showed me excellent websites & databases to help me see beyond my current profession and instead focus on my transferrable skill set; she shared encouraging stories of career changers within my current profession and she provided me with a new roadmap for developing my résumé to highlight my skills not just where I’ve worked. This was wonderful guidance. I highly recommend the expertise of the Career Coaches here. - Angel
Amber, I wanted to take a moment and sincerely express my gratitude for your participation in USC's first annual Passport to Hire event. The student evaluations were extremely positive. Students mentioned how they learned so much in a two hour period and that they now feel more prepared and confident for their upcoming interview fair. Your advice on impactful interviewing was perfect and so needed. Last night's success would not have happened without your support. THANK YOU! - Star
Mrs. Diane was outstanding. I didn't know how to do a resume and I'm very computer illiterate. Mrs. Diane walked me thru, step-by-step. She showed me how to save it on my hard drive. Also, she helped me find out how to get into my SC Works account and she helped by getting me my SC Works pamphlet. She also go me set up for my Career Coaching appointment. She did an amazing job! Thank you! - Samuel
My Career Specialist helped me through analysis and job information, work profiling, work values scores (assessment) and provided valuable insight into where I can go from here. Sylvie does great work and I look forward to moving forward by using the resources she has provided. - Jack
When I had questions about re-working my resume after winning an award, I was feeling rushed and unsure. Kris Dempster helped me know what format to use and how to put it all together perfectly. It was awesome to have someone here that immediately stepped up to help. Really amazing internal customer service. It made things easier and stress free! I really appreciate how helpful Kris was. - Laura
Faithfully, for 3 months, I utilized the Business and Job Center to look up jobs that were available in my field of Customer Service. I am so pleased to tell you that I was offered a position at DHL as a Customs Operations Support Clerk. I am super excited to use my talents and my new found information the Business and Job Center taught me to excel in this company. - Malita
Diane, thank you for taking time last Friday to give me a tour of the Business, Careers and Research Center. Your extensive knowledge and passion for your work was evident. I left the library with a deep appreciation for the broad scope of services that the Center provides for your clients. I wish you and the Center continued success in all your future endeavors. - Cindy
Ms. King - I just wanted to write you a quick and colossal THANK YOU! I got hired for what is pretty much my dream nursing job, and I firmly believe it had everything to do with my fine-tuned résumé. You helped me really sell myself to my full potential and let others see my job worth as well. I cannot thank you enough! Hope all is well. - Kristy
Thanks for the help. I had a blast. Mr. Dempster showed me a lot of ways to do my resume. You don't have to do better. Ya'll are great at what you are doing now. My sister says this is the best place for information and help. Thanks for making me feel welcome!!! Richland Library Main, Business, Careers and Research Center. - Dana
Thank you for your help finding employment (résumé assistance and online job application). I’m now employed at Jillian’s Restaurant in the Vista. I came in the Library on February 13 and returned on February 14. Chantal helped me and on February 21, I was hired at USC campus. She is my god sent angel. Great attitude! - William
Awesome! Awesome! I truly enjoyed my session with Andrena. She is very knowledgeable and is good at what she does. I have a renewed energy from our discussion today. Andrena rocks! - Tamell
Diane was absolutely amazing! :-) From the moment I inquired about the student center (Research) computers, she was on top of it with the most helpful/resourceful information. She was pleasant and welcomed me immediately. Also, the info given was everything a newcomer to the area would need to know. She absolutely ROCKS! - Lakesha
Diane – thank you for assisting to provide the information I needed. Finding someone familiar with locating the material is a miracle. You quickly navigated the system, which was crucial….Thank You. - Tommy
Jennifer - Just wanted to follow up with you about my job search. I was offered two jobs last week, at Trader Joes and at USC Special Events. I took the job with Special Events and I will start on Monday. Thank you to the Business, Careers and Research Center for helping me attain my employment goals. - Ryan
Kris Dempster was incredibly helpful and kind, providing an excellent tour and overview of the career offerings, with no advanced warning that we were coming by. He was so professional and informative; what a great asset to your staff! We're studying for our CDFs...he was a great resource! - Kelly
Andrena - I just wanted to update you and let you know I received job offers from the United Way and the Free Times. I'm finalizing my decision tomorrow, but I am most likely taking the Free Times position. Thanks for your help; I wouldn't have found the lead without our meeting! - Anton
Sheila is awesome! Sheila is a wonderful person. From the very moment I began looking for employment, she was there! She gave me all the resources that were available. Sheila encouraged me on the good days and the tough ones. - Carolyn
The librarians on the 3rd floor (Business, Careers and Research Center) are outstanding! Their knowledgeable approach to our concerns coupled with their pleasant demeanor should be lauded by everyone they so graciously help. Kudos! (In particular Kris, Bland, Chris). - Del
Andrena - thank you for all of your assistance with my job search. I am happy to report that I have a new job and will be starting soon. Because of all of your help with boosting my résumé, I am giving your name to a friend of mine who needs help reworking her résumé. - Lenora
Kris Dempster went above and beyond to help me revamp my resume. I appreciate the extra time he took to help me brainstorm ideas and and review my final product. He gave excellent internal customer service. He's a great member of the Richland Library Team. - Emily
After my interview coaching with Amber, I feel twice as confident in my approach. Amber gave me a direction to follow and helped me to focus my thoughts, what to communicate better and be conscientious toward what the interviewer is looking for. Thank you! - Arthur
My meeting with the Career Specialist was tremendously helpful! She gave me the tools I need to present my skills in a marketable way. She also gave me new insight to my skills and how they pertain to job happiness. I really appreciate the assistance. - Lisa
The Career Services that you are providing are fantastic! I've taken advantage of many of your services as I transition into my second career and am really impressed. I'll recommend this to others in need of these services in the future. - Jo Ellen
Connecting with the Business, Careers and Research Center has been the best decision I’ve made on my path to professional and personal growth. Sylvie Golod has empowered me with her wealth of knowledge, information and passion to encourage others! - Delia
Thank you for opening up the library to people who are struggling. In just 3 days I was able to learn how to write a resume and cover letter and landed a job. Thank you, thank you, thank you! God bless. Also thanks to Kris, Elizabeth and Amanda. - J. Alex
Kris Dempster went above and beyond to help me with my resume and getting my career path started. He took it on himself and his personal time to research and gather information to help me even though he was not asked to do this! Thanks, Kris! - Abraham
I can do anything if I have the right tools. The Main Library and the one on Garner’s Ferry Road have helped me keep working and keep trying throughout my job struggle. Today was the first orientation day at my new job. Thank you! - Lucy
Want to personally thank you for all of your help, your individual time you spent on my résumé, and all your encouraging and inspirational words you offered. You really gave me hope for a positive outlook toward my future career. - Bonnie
Kris was absolutely fantastic and very kind and patient helping me update my résumé. Janet was extremely helpful as well. They turned an intimidating situation into a much easier one. I could not have done it without them! - Alisa
Diane, I received the best assistance today than it ever was the last 18 years when I was accepted as (a) member of RCPL. I am very pleased with the services today and I want to be an active member of RCPL. - Madidian
Kris was absolutely wonderful, solved my computer wifi and hot spot issues on my personal laptop. His demeanor was very professional and patient. The classroom was quiet, though there were other patrons in the room. - Debra
Janet, Thank you so much for all your help! You always go the extra mile and give more than you’re asked. It means a lot and I’m grateful! - Tut
Your staff is outstanding! They are kind, very helpful and patient with library patrons who don’t have much experience using the computers. - Mark
Kris Dempster is amazing! A friend and I visited the Career Center at Richland Library today. Kris shared information with us - services, classes and resources. He was very thorough and informative! - Amanda
Andrena helped me re-do my résumé and it looks great! I didn’t know that the library had such service. I think a lot more people/job seekers would really benefit from it. - Ann
I think this library and your staff are wonderful. I came in to make a copy of my résumé to apply for a job. I am (not good) with computers. Kris was so helpful, kind and understanding. - Debra
The services today (were) awesome. I’m really looking toward working with y’all more in the future. It was very good and (I) really enjoyed myself today. Diane was very helpful to me. - Christopher
With the Business Center's use of computers and staff assistance, I have landed a temporary job! Hope it leads to a full-time opportunity. Thanks to Kris, Sylvie, Diane and others. - Garry
I got such wonderful help on the 3rd floor research computer area. Two lovely ladies helped me. I got a 98.5 and finished my 1st graduate level MBA course. I am now on the honor roll! - Paula
This was the best experience in the 20 years since I have done a résumé! Ms. Golod made it so easy to talk and be at ease with her. She was great! Thank you so much for everything. - Gerald
Diane, I got such wonderful help on the 3rd floor computer area. Two lovely ladies helped me get a 98.5 on finishing my 1st graduate level MBA course. I am now on the honor roll! - Paula
Diane - when I came in, I was truly lost but thanks to these wonderful ladies, they made my tasks so easy and I wasn't stressed about using the computer. THANK YOU SO MUCH! - Latonia
The use of your job search facility (Business, Careers and Research Center) was outstanding! Your library staff were extremely helpful and encouraging - especially Sheila. - Walter
My trip here tonite was wonderful because of Ms. Sheila. She took time with me, walked (me) through every step on the computer because I had no idea. She's a keeper! - Johnsey
Noticed staff member Chris doing a great job on the Third Floor. He is always pleasant in his professional demeanor, always on the phone disseminating library information. - Steve
I cannot count the # of ways or times someone has helped me through moments of frustration with different job applications on the computer. Thank you all very much. - Wilbert
Sylvie was very informative, helpful and insightful during my Career Coaching session…brought new ideas and up-to-date information about creating my master résumé. - Juana
This has been a great help in sorting out the process for building my resume and selling myself. I am excited to continue to work with Sylvie and build these skills. - Nick
Diane - The services and opportunities for employment and careers are incredible. Dedication to helping someone help themselves is a blessing in the community. - Hank
Your resources for assistance that enable clients to secure job(s) are outstanding. You keep current with technology that is very beneficial to your clientele. - Marion
I used the library Business and Job Center to search, apply, do assessments, print résumé copies all in an effort with being hired to work for Time Warner. - April
Kris is the best Coach ever! He went over everything with me. He took his time, walked me through LinkedIn and gave other great information...the best!!! - Cynthia
Everyone at the Main Library is very kind and helpful – especially the staff that usually helps with job stuff. Thank you. You’re all in my prayers. - Liberty
Kudos to Kris (tall, slender, glasses) as a library staff member – he’s always consistent in his even-keel mood, faithful and always aims to please! - Warren
Iris and Kris were wonderful, very helpful, took their time to make sure I had what I needed to perform my school work…very friendly, knowledgeable. - Angela
I was helped by Sylvie who helped me out a lot learning how to make a résumé and get better at computers. The other staff have been very helpful. - Alexandre
I am very happy with your services in the library. Everybody gave me a hand. Kris took his time with me. I got a good job with his time (help). - Henry
I interviewed with Chris Barstow twice. He also helped with my job resume. I was offered two jobs from different state agencies. Thanks! - Delores
The staff here on the 3rd Floor have been great helping me. I had many questions concerning faxing and copying. Staff were very helpful. - Demetris
Megan Mathis was incredibly helpful to me this afternoon in coordinating my iCloud calendar access across 4 devices. I love this place! - Ray
The Richland Library has helped by providing relevant info about job searching and interviewing. It’s relevant for job seekers, too. - Clifford
Just simply wonderful. Had problem with resume. Librarian Diane took her time (helping me). Thank the Lord for people like her. - Carlotta
Kris helped me fill out an application to McDonalds yesterday and I got the job today! He was very helpful. I appreciate it a lot. - Natalie
Diane, Sheila and Amber provide excellent customer service and professionalism. What a wonderful, helpful, caring staff. Thank you. - Marcus
The resources here are great and very helpful. The staff is excellent and also very helpful. They are very kind as well. - Jamel
Ms. Diane on the 3rd Floor was outstanding. I am not too good with a computer. She was there for me. I thank God 4 her! - Ford
Keith Brinkmann went the extra mile - twice for me to locate Biz journals and newspapers to help my business. Thanks! - Houston
Kris in the Business Center is awesome! He was a great help in pulling together my resume. Please keep him around! - Kim
Diane, kind and extremely helpful. - Joel
I liked my Coach, Mr. Kris, and learning about the resume. U did very outstanding work...keep helping...good job! - Pamela
This library is amazing. I’m really impressed and inspired by all of the services the Richland Library offers. - Angela
Mr. Chris Barstow (Career Coach) helped me. He was very nice and patient with me...need more people like him! - James
Diane, everything was perfect. (You were) very patient. I now know how to build a résumé the correct way. - Kendra
I had outstanding help in searching for reference by Diane Luccy. Very knowledgeable and extremely helpful! - Arthur
Kris was very nice and patient and helpful to me. We need more people like Kris on the 3rd Floor. Thanks. - Deatra
It helped me clarify what particular things I need to work on to become Interview Ready. Great resource! - Chanelle
With the help of the Business, Careers and Research Center staff, I was able to land two jobs I enjoy. - Kara
I think it’s wonderful what the Library is offering to the public for careers. - Vicki
Kris - Yes! Very helpful. Actually completed a very professional résumé that I’m very happy with. - Mary
Amber, I wanted to thank you again for writing that letter of recommendation. I got the job! Woohoo! - Megan
I'm thrilled! Third Level Librarians, Associates and Managers deserve a bouquet of flowers. - Janice
Diane is great. Very pleasant and very encouraging. She deserves great praise! God Bless. - Peter
Mr. Kris, thanks for all the help. Learned a lot! - Broderick
Sylvie Golod was extremely helpful in assisting my client with résumé development. - Fran
It was great. They really helped me out with a smile. Thank you Ms. Iris and Kris. - Jerri
Kris - yes, u were outstanding and (have) a very generous attitude. You were great! - Ernest
Ms. Diane was very helpful and patient helping me edit my resume. Thank you again! - Amanda
Really good staff. Safari Tech Books (Database) are really good and useful. - Jatin
Janet always makes the day brighter with her helpful service and smile! - Warren
The service today with Kris and Sylvie was outstanding and very easy. - Michael
The best card that I’ve got since I’ve retired is my library card! - A.J.M.
Helped me with making a résumé and how to make everything better! - DeVanté
Very helpful staff. Could not have done it without them! - John
Ms. Diane…was so helpful to me in making my résumé. - Troy
Great staff, very cordial and helpful. - Emmit
Love the library!!! - Rekia

If you have any questions please call us at 803.929.3401, or stop by Richland Library Main.