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Top Ten reasons to use a tablet for genealogy

For my summer vacation I traveled to upstate New York for R & R and a genealogy road-trip. This year I left all my papers, notebooks, pencils and pens at home and relied on my IPad as a research tool. It was awesome companion. I discovered that my iPad was all I needed. Here are my top ten reasons for using a tablet as a genealogy research tool.

10: I can use apps like GeoVidforiPad to help me locate cemeteries which are near and dear to my beating heart.

9: I can take pictures of documents, graves, etc. and instantly email them to myself or store them on the device.

8. My Legacy Genealogy Software has an app! Before my trip I synced the genealogy data from my laptop to my iPad. Every bit of family info was on my iPad so I could refer to it whenever I needed to confirm something. No more shuffling through pages and never finding what you are looking for!

7. BTW those digitized documents are much easier to enlarge and read on a tablet.

6. When I needed a coffee break all of my pleasure books are in my iPad. If I finish a book I can easily download a new one from the RCPL website.

5. There are few things more satisfying than showing an uncooperative special collections employee that they do indeed have a certain collection by locating their catalog record on my tablet and shoving, I mean, politely displaying it to them.

4. Having all my data and images on my tablet ensures that I have all the materials I need to share my family history with everyone and I don’t have to worry about losing that favorite image.

3. I can access all of the family history books I have saved on Google books and the Internet Archive.

2. Using my iPad I took pictures of all the obituaries I located. Gosh! I didn’t miss fighting with the copier at all.

1. Instead of waiting to use a computer in the library I was visiting I could access all my RCPL genealogy databases on my iPad and refer to Census images, marriage licenses, etc. at the moment I needed them.