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Using Freegal

Richland Library customers enjoy free access to our downloadable music service, Freegal Music. Freegal offers more than 3 million songs and videos from over 10,000 labels of which customers may download legally and DRM free six (6) songs per week. Video files are also free but require two of the allotted five weekly credits.

How do I use Freegal?

Sign In to Freegal

Access Freegal 

Using Freegal is very easy. There is no software or app needed to download - the site is designed to work within your browser. Simply follow the link provided to Freegal and sign in with your library card  information. (How to Get a Library Card )

Sign In

Power users may want to try out Freegal's apps (More information below): iPhone/iPad Users | Android Users

Your Weekly Credits

Richland Library customers are granted six (6) credits weekly to use to download songs and or videos. These five credits expire and renew each week - meaning there will never be more than a maximum of six (6) credits available to customers during a given week.

Credit Counter

A convenient counter is presented in the top right corner of the Freegal website to help you keep track of how many credits you have used or remaining.

Browse the Freegal Collection

Freegal offers several ways for you to search for music and videos in their collection simply search for the name of the artist you are looking for or use one of the navigation tools that best suits your needs.


Previewing and Downloading Content

To play a sample preview of a song click the play icon to the left of the song title.

Previewing and Downloading Content

To download a song to your device or computer click the icon to the right of the song title. You will be able to select 'Download Now' or 'Add To Wishlist'. Select 'Download Now' and your browser will begin downloading to your device/computers designated download folder. If you do not have enough credits you may want to add the song to your wishlist to download next week.

Once the file has been downloaded simply open the folder and play the file as you would any other music or video on your device.

Please Note: Freegal requires the Flash plugin to provide users with previews and currently does not provide a non-Flash solution. This means that if your device or browser does not have or support Flash you will be unable to preview songs on Freegal. Freegal does provide links to install the Flash plugin from Adobe's website - but more than likely you will receive a message saying that your device does not support Flash.

This is a known issue for Nook, Kindle and iPad/iPhone users.

Your Wishlist

Ran out of credits this week? Just add the songs you want to remember to download to your wishlist so you can remember what to download next week! You can add as many songs to your wishlist as you like. All you need to remember is to come back.


Can I Transfer the Files to Another Device?

Yes! The files are Digital Rights Management (DRM) free and yours to keep forever. You may burn them to CD, transfer them to another device or MP3 player as you desire. Copyright laws do apply to all of the downloads just as it would in any other situation.

Is there a Freegal App?

Freegal does provide an app for users in addition to the website. The app may not be available or work for your specific device. If you encounter issues we recommend accessing Freegal through your device's browser instead.

Here are quick links to download the app: iPhone/iPad Users | Android Users

Helpful Tips

Here are some additional helpful tips. Feel free to leave your own in the comments so that we can add to the list.

  • If you are having problems transferring your files to your computer from your tablet or phone consider downloading the song again. Freegal will allow you to download files from the last two weeks up to two additional times. Simply click on My Downloads/Downloads to review your available history.

For additional questions you may want to review Freegal's FAQ page.