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Strategic Plan

Advance Our Community

Richland Library is a vital partner and catalyst for bringing diverse peoples together to solve community problems. We believe that continuous, customized learning for all ages is the foundation for a strong economy and high quality of life.

Goal 1: Help create a strong and resilient economy.


  • We are viewed as valued partners to elected officials and business leaders in support of economic and community development.
  • We help grow and support creative individuals and communities within the county.
  • Library facility improvements serve as catalysts for greater investment in neighborhoods and increased opportunities for residents.
  • Jobseekers and entrepreneurs see the library as vital to their employment, career and business development aspirations.

Goal 2: Strengthen community cohesion.


  • There are an increased number of opportunities for diverse groups of people to convene, communicate and learn together.
  • Neighborhoods recognize and celebrate their assets and strengthen their identities.
  • Public, non-profit and private sectors convene at the library in an effort to solve community problems.

Goal 3: Transform educational outcomes for youth.


  • The level of access to high quality out-of-school time opportunities increases.
  • Parents and caregivers have the knowledge and support necessary to help their children be successful in school.
  • Partnerships and services that support the path from high school to careers and college are strengthened.

Goal 4: Help break the cycle of poverty.


  • Learning outcomes and access to educational opportunities of those living in poverty in Richland County are increased.
  • Partnerships with service providers are created and strengthened, eliminating barriers for those customers with specific, basic needs.

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