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Donate Diapers at Richland Library

Just about every parent knows that babies and toddlers use a lot of diapers. A. Lot. And diapers are expensive. A parent can spend $80 per month on diapers to take care of one child. This can be an economic stressor for our low-income or poor neighbors as there are no federal or state safety-net programs that work specifically for the purchase of diapers. When you consider the families that lack transportation buying diapers from local convenience stores, which cost more than big-box retailers, this cost can increase.

Nationally 33% of moms struggle with “diaper need.” That means that one in every three families lack "a sufficient supply of diapers to keep a baby clean, dry, and healthy" (National Diaper Bank Network). There are 5.3 million children (aged 0 to 3) in the US in poor or low-income families. Sometimes parents who cannot afford to purchase new diapers will try to clean and dry old diapers and reuse them. This exposes the child to painful diaper rashes, infections, and other serious health concerns, which leads to parental stress, among other things. In fact, studies have found that the inability to afford fresh diapers has been associated with "more mental health and stress-related problems than being unable to provide food" (Smith, Kruse, Weir, and Goldblum; 2013). Research has also shown that this can lead to depression in parents, lower attachment rates, and sometimes child abuse.

While cloth diapers can provide an alternative to the ongoing costs of disposable diapers, many child care centers do not accept cloth diapers, and many laundry facilities won’t allow families to wash them.

Richland Library is happy to have partnered with Power In Changing, a diaper bank serving the Midlands, to be able to collect diapers for these children and families. You can drop off new or opened packages of fresh diapers and/or wipes to the social workers on the 2nd floor at Richland Library Main (1431 Assembly Street). Your donations will be collected by Power In Changing and distributed to local families in need, along with other useful resources.

If you are in the Lexington area, you can also drop off your diapers to their office at 1053 Center Street, West Columbia. Remember, any size and any brand of diapers and wipes are welcome - even open packages.

To learn more about diaper need and how you can be involved, click here.