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Presidential Election 2016
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2016 Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidates

On Tuesday, November 8, the contentious 2016 presidential race will finally be decided.  You may think you already know the names that will appear on the ballot, but check the following list to see the full range of options.  The deadline for voter registration for the general election has already passed, but if you are newly registered and are unsure about where you should report to cast your ballot, visit www.scvotes.org and click on the Find My Polling Place link to the right to determine which precinct you live in.

Presidential Candidate Vice Presidential Candidate Party
Hillary Rodham Clinton Timothy Michael Kaine Democratic
Donald J. Trump Michael R. Pence Republican
Peter Skewes Michael Lacy American
Darrell Castle Scott Bradley Constitution
Jill Stein Ajamu Baraka Green
Evan McMullin Nathan Johnson Independent
Gary Johnson William Weld Libertarian

This post was co-authored by Chantal Wilson.